Internet Video Support Program (IVSP)

How the internet video support program works

(this is not just a package of videos, it is a supported training arrangement guiding you along the same sequencing and timeline proven in our group classes)

Each week I will provide you with weekly planners (as pdf files) that will guide you. 

These files will have references back to the book, the “Koehler Method of Dog Training”, which you can purchase from various sellers on ebay or amazon, or most used book stores (local to you or online). Pricing for used copies of the book varies among sellers, but you can get a digital copy from Amazon for under five dollars (Kindle, or ‘cloud reader’ for PC and MAC). 

Each week, along with the planners, I will post tutorial vids – the presentations based on what we have used in our in-person classes since 1966.

At the end of each week, I will send you student video of the week’s “readiness test” for you to watch as an example of what you will need to record and email to me.

When I receive your test sampling I will:

1. View it to see that you and the dog are working with required proficiency. If so, I will then send you the next week’s training planner and related tutorial vids. If the work is unsatisfactory, I will
2. Critique the work to point out what needs improved in order to ready the dog for the next week’s lesson. 

You will need to make the improvements, then submit another readiness test video for me to view.

This process ensures that neither the dog nor the handler will be asked to push themselves beyond the acceptable readiness to take the next step on the training path.

About these tests … each is based on the standardized group-class testing we’ve done for more than six decades; any adaptations made were done only to allow they be useful for the individual working outside the group class setting. If at any time you read or watch material that you need clarification on, please feel free to email me and I will respond to help you keep your dog moving accurately forward. Your success in using this material is as important to me as it is to your dog.

What levels of obedience are available?

Basics level companion dog obedience: heel, come, sit, stand, down, stay and recall – both on and off leash in areas of reasonable distractions - plus problem solving and basic manners for home and away (primer to training for public access).

Open level companion dog obedience for ring, home and field.  Note: It is during this module that we complete the public access training started in the basics level module.

And for those that want to keep their team moving progressively along the training path (the travel can become healthfully addictive), you can move from Open into Tracking and/or Utility.

Questions, clarification, comments, or just want to know how to get started? Feel free to contact me at: koehlerdogtraining@yahoo.com or give me a call (209) 293-4747.