“Reliability off lead should always be the most significant criterion when evaluating and comparing training methods.” (Bill Koehler)

You can have off leash control in ten weeks 

It's fun, practical and proven

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Koehler dog training has been serving the obedience needs of dogs and their owners in both class and private training formats since 1946.  Sixteen years later, with the method fully developed and a format for class instruction producing consistant and reliable results, W.R. Koehler wrote the book the "Koehler Method of Dog Training."  

Today, some 70 years later, the Koehler method of dog training continues to be taught in both class and private training formats.  We do not know of any other dog-training operation that can boast of 70 years of continuous service.  In addition, new trainers are being trained and groomed for their roles in carrying it forward well into the future.


The cybertech lecture (accessible via the navigation box in the left hand column) will acquaint readers with a sampling of the applied logic and psychology used in the method.  Readers will find it helpful in making the decision to seek out a trainer who can help them learn to use the Koehler method to train their dog to be reliably off leash. 


Why is off leash obedience so important, especially in this day and age when leash laws are the norm?  


Because leashes break.  Because dogs will slip out of collars and harnesses.  Because doors and gates will be left open.  Because fences will be jumped over, dug under, or rammed through.  More importantly, take a look at your dog right now ... chances are good that he is not wearing a leash.  If he were to bolt out the door and head for the street, could you stop him with a single command?  


With a Koehler trained dog you could.  But better yet, you won't have to.  Why?  Because the Koehler training he received allows him to make better  choices for himself ... example: choosing not to bolt out of an open door.   


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