"Correctly Koehler" is for trainers wanting to learn how to use the Koehler Method of Dog Training as their teaching material for novice class instruction.  Because the obedience class was the environment used in developing the method, it is perfectly suited for the task. (two days)

"Reliably Koehler" is for class instructors who are already running the classic 10-week novice course, and also want to offer the next level of obedience to their students.  That next level being the Koehler Method of Open Dog Obedience. (two days)


"Responsibly Koehler" is for vocational and professional trainers wishing to learn the Koehler method in their Board & Train operation.  Emphasis is on problem dogs.  (one day)

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Reliably Koehler, plus Tracking

Location: No. California

For information on this seminar, please write: tony@koehlerdogtraining.com