When basics level dog obedience instruction is all you need, you can be confident one of our ISTA alumni can help you. 

ISTA Alumni Roster

A few years ago we formed a virtual classroom to help trainers learn and study the method beyond technique and execution.  We call the program ISTA, which stands for ‘internet supported training arrangement.’

The ISTA program teaches the method at the level of motivated response, and so includes in-depth discussions to not only how-to and when-to, but also why-to.  Understanding the method at this level allows professional, vocational, and avocational trainers to practice and apply the method correctly, and it allows them to make adaptations, when needed, to apply the method across the widest range and assortment of dogs and owners.

The trainers on this list are all proven in their ability to teach and train basics level dog obedience: heel, come, sit, down, stand, and stay – both on and off leash, in areas of reasonable distractions – plus problem solving, and basic manners for home and away.

Does the mind’s eye have trouble visualizing all that?  Here is a video of a course graduate practicing her dog on a week eight assignment of the basics level course.  https://youtu.be/nB2zltLPbE4

Each person on this list can help you learn to teach this basics level skill set to your own dog using the Koehler method.  Many offer other services and instruction as well, so feel free to ask. 

(note: I have more referrals in the database.  If you don’t see anyone close, feel free to drop me a line:  tony@koehlerdogtraining.com)


Lori Chandler – (928) 476-2633


Charson Chang – (209) 479-1411

*Jennifer De La Torre – (805) 217-0850


Tracy Peabody – (813) 205-5428


Tracy Mullineaux – (808) 651-1037  (featured vid)


*Pam Adams – (270) 272-7698

Tyler Ohlmann – (502) 609-3401


*Linda Kaim – (410) 857-0555

Bernadette DeJarld – (443) 799-7854

*Roxanne Lee – (520) 870-1039

Gretchen Zwerlein – (443) 756-4362

Nate Czarnota – (443) 580-4464

Jessica Hudgins – (202) 329-2871

Kirsten Tolley – (410) 598-4449


Renee Manly – (512) 483-1977


Willie Viarnes – (313) 969-6253


Laurie Lo – (636) 668-6940


James Schruben – (910) 964-6679


Jill Morstad – (402) 430-4668


*Catherine Waters – (505) 903-3447


Mary Maltbe – (518) 727-7851

Ontario, Canada

Melanie Mondoux – (519) 504-0043

Quebec, Canada

Aline Tremblay – (418) 695-5068

Scotland, UK

Derek Bryson – +44 7879407262


*Kali Teufel – (415) 205-3633

Wales, UK

Kima Wainright – +44 1600750718


Sandy Stokes – (304) 725-2394

*complete service listings on the “Trainers List” (see the left hand menu on the homepage)